My goal as a professional Realtor is to make sure my clients have a great home purchasing or selling experience.  Everyone’s situation is different and being able to read the needs of the individual is key.  The ability to listen, problem solve and have patience is important to helping others attain their goal.  I exercise these skills when working with clients to alleviate stress and make the transaction smooth.  Below some of my clients discuss their experience working with me.


I have worked with realtors in a number of different cities but have never worked with one as amazing, personable, knowledgeable, and who cares as much about her clients as Elissa Sexton at Sky Realty! She was always willing to answer questions, meet up to show us homes, and help us out in any way possible. Buying a home can sometimes be a tedious, cumbersome process, and after seeing home after home and even sometimes losing out on offers it can be easy to get discouraged, but Elissa was always extremely positive and upbeat, and even after being outbid on two homes continuously helped keep our spirits up knowing that our home was out there somewhere. My fiancée and I loved every aspect of working with Elissa. We’ve come to consider her a friend, and absolutely plan on staying in touch and getting together with Elissa even though we’ve completed our home buying process. We knew that she had our best interests at heart, and trusted her 100% with every aspect of the process. I would HIGHLY recommend choosing to work with Elissa as your realtor! You won’t regret it! 
~ Brian O.

“We were so lucky to have Elissa Sexton from Sky Realty as our realtor for our first home buying experience. Before we found her, there was some anxiety about beginning the home buying process as we’d heard horror stories of navigating the Austin housing market, especially for freelancers like ourselves. Elissa wasn’t phased in the least and found a great broker that had experience working with self employed types like us. With that fear allayed, we began our search for “our house.” We were interested in purchasing the rental we’d lived in for 5 years and Elissa helped us navigate the awkwardness of asking our landlord to sell. After some hopeful back and forth, all expertly led by Elissa, our landlord decided that he wanted to hold onto the property— totally made sense to us as it was a great place but we were a bit saddened that it didn’t work out. Elissa was empathetic but was sure we’d find something even better…(spoiler: she was right). We saw what felt like hundreds of homes (ok, maybe around a dozen or so….turns out we are picky— our words, not Elissa’s as she wasn’t phased one bit by our almost daily requests to look at places) and Elissa was a super helpful source of information as she would identify possible structural issues, location benefits/challenges, and point out features that our novice eyes would miss (I now love hearing “the pipes are PVC”). Then, we found it: “our house.” Elissa’s extensive marketing analysis and experience helped us hone in on our offer and days later we were in the under contract phase. Her Rolodex of contractors, plumbers, engineers, and inspectors was a godsend. We felt confident moving ahead after getting their full reports and from there on out, it was a smooth and— dare I say?— really fun process. Elissa’s positive and sincere personal, yet professional approach made what we’d thought would be a hard journey and actual pleasurable and wonderful experience. Having Elissa Sexton by your side during the home buying process is a recommendation I make with great enthusiasm and encouragement. You will be in very capable and hard-working hands.”

~Lee E.

“Elissa is the quintessential professional. Informative, prompt, proactive and very helpful. I will recommend her to others for her real estate experience and expert abilities. Thank you.”

~Kevin F.

“I met Elissa 4 years ago when she helped us buy a house in Dripping Springs. She was excellent to work with and really helped us with the negotiations and all aspects of buying and closing on that house. In the years since she has helped us find excellent contractors to fix up that house. Now that I’m retiring and moving to another state, there was no other realtor I would have to market my house. She immediately gave us multiple market analysis, suggested an awesome designer to stage our house, obtained professional photos and videos and has stayed on top of all the paperwork needed to sell this house. She even helped spruce up the front of the house by personally planting flowers and adding a shrub. Elissa is an awesome person with a tireless work ethic and absolutely the realtor you need to either sell or buy a house.”

~Steve R. 78620

“We LOVE our incredible Realtor, Elissa Sexton! She helped us with both the purchase of our new house and the sale of our old home. We couldn’t be more pleased! Elissa has our utmost trust & gratitude. As a former realtor and one who knows how this process should be done right, I could not give anyone a higher recommendation than Elissa. It was a God-send to find her and such a relief off our shoulders to have her handle the sale, negotiations and closings on both our homes. We greatly appreciate Elissa’s extensive expertise, her calm, confident demeanor and wonderful advice. She made sure both deals and closings went smoothly! She’s such a joy and pleasure to work with and we are honored to now call her our friend. Thank you, Elissa!”

~Martha & Larry 78749

“Elissa is an amazing person, and that includes being awesome at her job.  This was my first time buying a home. and while it can be an overwhelming process with a lot of information to learn, Elissa is a wealth of knowledge.  Not only from her experience on the job, but leans on her personal experience with buying and remodeling her own home.  I never had a doubt that Elissa put my best interest first, and made a point to get to know me better through the process.  She really helped find the best home for me.  I can’t think of a more confident, patient, and good natured to person to have on my side when buying a home.  A million thanks to Elissa!”

~Dani P. 78741

“Elissa Sexton was our amazing real estate agent for 6 months. We were an extremely picky family when it came to finding just the right home for our family, hence having Elissa with us for that length of time. Never once did she waver in her enthusiasm or determination in assisting us. She gleaned from all of our likes and dislikes of the types of homes we were looking at (interior, exterior, location) and was able to really help us in our search process, thus, saving us much time and energy.”
~Laurie F. 78652

“Elissa is a long-time friend, so when it came to choosing a realtor, we knew we could trust her to have our best interest at heart. Elissa was professional and found homes that were uniquely suited to our personalities, desire, and budget. Nothing quite fit what we wanted, so we delayed the purchase for three years. The second time around we found our dream home. Elissa gave us very clear advice, presenting our options and possible outcomes, without persuading or pressuring us. We trusted her completely. In the end we got our home for $3,000 below the asking price, with $4,000 worth of repairs and all of our closing costs covered. She was quite the negotiator, and we knew that when it came to her clients, she would fight for us. We love our home and are so thankful that we had such an easy experience buying it, largely due to our wonderful realtor.”

~Nory B. 78723

“I was immediately drawn to Elissa’s sweet personality approachability, and sense of style.  As I got to know her, it was apparent she would be the one to get me over “cold feet” and help me buy my first home.  Even after telling Elissa I had backed out of two previous contracts, she didn’t hesitate to take me as a client.  I had no idea what i wanted or what area i wanted to live in, but Elissa found a wide variety of fabulous homes to show me.  We became great friends and I looked forward to the days we viewed homes together! She had lots of patience and energy through the long and sometimes emotional process.  When we found the right house, everything went very smooth and she was at my side the whole way.  Elissa made the home buying process exciting and fun and I couldn’t be happier with my experience and my new home!” 

~Cody B. 78704

“I needed to find an inexpensive condo fast! I figured a realtor wouldn’t give me the time of day. I seemed to be Elissa’s primary focus since the moment we met! Her honest and enthusiastic approach to helping me find my home was refreshing and I found a place within my schedule and budget. Elissa provided me with service as if I was the most important client she ever had!”

~ George H., 78741

“We would like to thank you again for helping us finding our new home.  We appreciate very much what you have done for us in such a short time.  I know it had to be frustrating some times for you since we had such a hard time making our minds up, but you always had smile on your face and never lost your patience.  We certainly would recommend you to our friends and anybody who is looking for house.”
~Brigitte & Oskar F. 78754