How to make a living wreath!  I find myself lately not having time for creative activities, something I love to do, but I am making the time and this is my first Do-It-Yourself blog.  I saw this wreath in Real Simple magazine and decided I would recreate it as gifts for the holidays.  The great thing is you can use it all year round since it’s made with succulents.

Items you will need…

floral wire                 Spanish moss

wire wreath              succulents

The first thing you need is a wreath structure.  I found the metal frame wreath structure at Hobby Lobby, you’ll also need floral wire and Spanish moss for filler.  All the materials can be found at Hobby Lobby.  This project is a bit messy so if you are constructing the wreath inside you will want something down that you can just pick up and shake out.  First I pulled apart the moss and placed in the grooves of the wreath frame, you may need to push it in the frame to fit.  I didn’t use a lot of moss just enough to keep it even with the lip of the frame.  Then, I wrapped the frame with the floral wire by securing a piece of the wire to the frame and wrapping it around with about an inch in between each wire wrap.

Now the frame is ready for the plants.  You can find succulents at most garden nurseries, some of my favs are The Natural Gardener and The Great Outdoors.  You can use any succulents you like.  Succulents root very easily so you can actually break a piece off and stick it into the moss in the frame, you may need to secure the piece with more wire, just make sure they are secure and won’t fall out when you pick it up.  You can design your wreath however you like.  Important note and one to pass on to the recipient, make sure to either soak the wreath in water for about 10 minutes once to twice a week, you can also use a water bottle sprayer to wet the wreath.  When you are creating the wreath it might be good to wet it everyday until you give it as a gift, the moss will absorb the water also creating a moist environment for the succulents to root.

Yay, your hard work has paid off and now you have beautiful gift or something to bring beauty to your own home.  Enjoy!