In case you were not aware the Trail of Lights at Zilker Park has been canceled this year due to budget cuts.  The city had two options, have the trail of lights and charge a fee for admittance or not have a the trail at all.  The city chose the latter and decided to call off the trail all together.  As a child I can remember driving through the Trail of Lights in Zilker Park with my family.  I can remember the coldest time I went through the Trail of Lights with my husband and his family, drinking hot chocolate to keep warm.  I have had some of my best memories going to the Trail of Lights.  If you are from Austin like me you may have similar memories.  This is the first year that we are not able to see the Trail of Lights and continue the tradition.  I know times are tough and we need to make cuts and scale back but I believe we can keep this tradition alive with the help of the community.

How you can make a difference!

My brokerage, Sky Realty, has created a website specifically to keep this fantastic tradition going for all to enjoy.  If you are interested in helping or just spreading the word you can find more information on website or like it on Facebook.  Through personal, company and community donations we should be able to help the city relight the trail for the following year.  It is too late to save this year’s trail but starting now we can certainly make it happen in 2011.