About Elissa Sexton Austin Realtor

About-ES_03Roots are anchors, life giving veins that are vital to growth, and Elissa Sexton, born, raised and educated in Austin, is grateful that her parents chose to plant their family roots right here. She’s a proud first-generation American, Texan and Austinite who loves her town, her family, organic gardening and real estate. She attended St. Edwards University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Theatre Arts. She spent many happy moments on the stage and in the spotlight during school, and after, in and around Austin. After graduation, she kept her college retail job and moved up the ladder.About_07 “One day I decided that I couldn’t spend any more of my life in a mall with no windows,” she laughed. She decided that an opportunity in property management would be a great segue into real estate. However, the property company was sold before she started, so she ended up working with a Private Investigator while she worked on her real estate license. “That was an experience, for sure,” she sighs. “Real estate is definitely where I’m supposed to be.”

About_03She finds great joy and purpose in helping people find homes and walking them through the home buying process. She revels in meeting new people, from all walks of life, and working with them to achieve their goals. She enjoys the fact that no two days are the same. “Each client’s needs are unique, and that keeps things interesting.” Her careful attention to her clients’ objectives keeps them coming back, “we’ve used Elissa’s expertise with every house we’ve bought, investment or personal. She’s very knowledgeable, and extremely honest.” She goes the extra mile, and generously shares her knowledge. “Elissa even taught me how to garden! She’s excited about people; she’s a giver.”

About_11Philanthropy is part of who she is. In addition to the Junior League of Austin, she spent time serving on the Board of Directors for Green Corn Project where “we installed organic gardens for people who needed assistance, and I saw how good, organic and wholesome food could transform lives,” she said. She also volunteered for years at Boggy Creek Farm, her “peace place.” Austin has great urban farms, farmers markets and locally sourced food and Elissa is passionate about them.

About-ES_18Elissa and her family have planted their roots, quite literally, in south Austin. “I’ve got four organic garden beds in my front yard,” she says, “and my toddler loves vegetables, especially salad!” She loves being outside; she hikes and walks the trails and neighborhood often. Planting, working in the dirt and growing things just comes naturally. “It feeds my soul” she says, “Our whole family would rather be outside.” They love that their house is a hub for friends and family and enjoy hosting brew days featuring her husband’s home-brewed beer. Elissa’s innate aptitudes for growing, hosting, helping and nurturing feed her continued success in real estate. “Real estate is an extension of many of my passions, and I’m lucky to get to help people significantly for a living.”